Girl, 4, hilariously leaves dad in hot water after finding ‘woman’s bra’ in car

Children seem to have a unrivalled talent of being able to ask the wrong questions at the wrong time and walk away innocently leaving a trail of destruction behind them.

Whether it’s telling a white lie to your friends or making up an excuse to teachers at school, your child will never miss an opportunity to call you out on it and leave you to awkwardly pick up the pieces.

But one man learned that his young daughter isn’t scared to land him in hot water at home – even when he’s done nothing wrong.

Twitter user @AngryManTV tweeted the hilarious story of when his four-year-old girl tried to ‘jam him up’ and get him in trouble with his wife, as one person warned him that she’s made it very clear where her loyalties lie when it comes to her parents.

He explains his daughter asked: “Mummy, why is your bra in daddy’s car?”, leaving him baffled and panicked as his wife give him a ‘killer side eye’ knowing she hadn’t been in his car for weeks.

As the dad protested his innocence and refuted her claims there was a bra in his car, she added: “Ya huh, cup thingy with straps.”

To get to the bottom of the devastating accusation, all three marched out to the garage to have a look, where they discovered a face mask laying between the two front seats.

The tweet from 2018 recently resurfaced and people were left impressed by how quickly she was willing to sell him out as one said: “Lmfaooo your daughter letting you know she will snitch on you. I’m howling!”

Another replied: “The good thing is, you know where her loyalties lies. The bad thing is, it’s not with you. Keep your eyes on that one.”

A third wrote: “She’s been planning this for WEEKS. Tryna get your side of the bed and double Christmas. “

And one suggested payback, adding: “You gotta roll around the ice cream shop about 30 times without stopping to even out the karma.”