Which teams should consider signing Colin Kaepernick?

The NFL generally and collectively seems to be keeping its head low and mouth shut on Colin Kaepernick, but for the unnamed team that recently called Seahawks coach Pete Carroll for information about a visit with Kaepernick from nearly three years ago.

So which teams should be considering Kaepernick? That was the subject of Friday’s PFT Live draft.

Charean Williams and I selected six total teams, but there could be more. Feel free to identify more. Feel free to challenge the ones we identified. Feel free to tell us to stick to sports. (Spoiler alert: We won’t.)

The momentum for making things right with Kaepernick seems stronger than ever. Whether the NFL actually does it remains to be seen. Until it does, however, it will be difficult for the NFL to claim with any credibility that it has had the same awakening that so many others have experienced in the last 18 days.