Woman moans that she looks like ‘Shrek’ after mistakenly using out of date tan

A fake tan disaster is practically a rite of passage….many of us have been there.

Unfortunately, the beauty mishap isn’t one that’s easy to hide – seeing as you’ve generally applied it all over.

One woman left people in stitches after she used an out of date bottle – which turned her skin ogre green.

Beauty fan Saskia shared a video of herself to TikTok after realising that her bronzing attempt had gone wrong.

In the hilarious clip, she said: “I think my fake tan has expired because, why am I green? I look like f*****g Shrek.”

She then holds the product up to the camera, showing the expiry date – which was last January.

The TikTok user dejectedly adds: “That says 2020, like the start of January…

As she shows off her green hands and face, she sadly adds: “Like why me man, why me.”

The video has been viewed more than 100,000 times and racked up hundreds of comments.

One person joked: “Hahahah all right Fiona, bless ya.”

Another commented: “No you look like the colour of the witch out of wizard of Oz. Hope it’s washed off”

A third advised: “It means the tan has oxidised, usually it’s been left open or something.”

Another wrote: “My tan has expired and gone green, still use it though looks fine when ya wash it off.”

One viewer added: “Shrek vibes.”

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